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Bioclinic-7Day ReduceXS

Bioclinic-7Day ReduceXS

The 7-Day ReduceXS™ Kit is comprised of three components: RestorX™ Intestinal Repair Nutritional Drink Mix‚ DetoxiCleanse™ Detoxification Nutritional Drink Mix‚ and a packet of colon and liver support pills. Both drink mixes are gluten-free and have a low glycemic load. First‚ take one scoop of RestorX™ Intestinal Repair Nutritional Drink Mix twice daily for four days. This meal replacement contains N-acetyl glucosamine‚ L-glutamine‚ and probiotics that may help address certain symptoms associated with leaky gut syndrome (including bloating) by working to reduce the permeability of your intestines. Subsequently‚ use DetoxiCleanse™ Detoxification Nutritional Drink Mix as a meal replacement twice daily for three days. Two scoops provide milk thistle extract as well as other nutrients and herbs that may have a mild detoxifying effect.
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