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Bioclinic-Allerieva 60c

Bioclinic-Allerieva 60c

Used in herbal medicine to help relieve seasonal allergy symptoms. ***Vitamin C has been shown to decrease blood histamine levels ***Vitamin C also raises glutathione levels by 50%.5 ******Increasing this potent antioxidant may help reduce nasal obstruction, rhinorrhea and ear fullness. ***A novel form of quercetin called EMIQ (enzymatically modified isoquercitrin) has been shown to reduce ocular allergic symptoms in those with pollinosis ***EMIQ is prepared by using a natural enzyme process that attaches polysaccharides to convert quercetin into a soluble form. According to pharmacokinetic data, the absorption of EMIQ is up to 40 times greater (Cmax) and 15 times greater (AUC) than quercetin. ***The patented bioflavonoid pycnogenol, when given 5 weeks before birch allergy season, reduced eye and nasal symptoms by 35% and 19.5% respectively ***Stinging nettle leaf inhibit the pro-inflammatory pathways related to allergic rhinitis. ***Urtica is a potent 4:1 extract.

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